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The ROLL CAST (Fly Fishing Cast)

Roll Cast Instruction:

The roll cast is useful when obstacles behind an angler prevent a normal backcast. Those who don't yet have this cast in their arsenal may assume that the roll cast is a special technique requiring expanded abilities, and a whole new set of motions. Not at all. A basic roll cast is nothing more than a standard overhead cast made with different timing!


#1. Begin with the rod tip parallel to the water's surface.

#2. Lift your arm up-and-back, going slowly and smoothly, allowing the line to slide across the water toward you.

#3. Tip your wrist back until the rod is in the one o'clock position and the line hangs by your side.

#4. Make a karate-chop forward stroke to roll the line out in front of yourself. Stop high to aerialize the line. Stop low to keep it on the water.


Thanks to The Virtual Flyshop