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The Off the Ground Cast

The "Off the Ground" is a very powerful cast and it is stongly recommended a shock leader be used.

In this cast, we will show you how to make your body work for you. You are going to "load" the rod with a sideways motion this time. Be sure you have a clear, safe area for the cast. The rod will travel through about a 200 degree arc when viewed from "top down".

To start, face the direction you want the cast to go. Then turning behind you, place the sinker on the ground (see photo). As in the "unitech cast", be sure to maintain enough tension on your line to keep the rig clipped if you're using a clip down rig but not enough to lift the sinker.

You will need to keep the leading arm higher than the following arm as you did in the "unitech" cast.

Start the cast by using body rotation to pull the rod around. Not with a jerk, but in a smooth, controlled movement that builds speed as the cast progresses.


Complete your turn to the desired direction of the cast then "power finish" by pulling down with the leading arm while "punching" up with the trailing arm.


Practice this cast to become proficient but always make sure there is no one in the area where the sinker might go in case the line breaks.


Thanks to Breakaway Tackle & Development