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On this page: Hair Rig Knot (Carp Fishing)

The hair rig has long been popular with carp fishermen in Europe, and is gaining in popularity in North America, as Americans become tuned in to using either field corn (ie. feed or maize) or boilies (a hard, high-protein man-made bait) for bait. With the hair rig, the bait is actually suspended above the hook, rather than threaded directly on. This enables the carp to mouth the bait unencumbered by the hook. As the fish moves the bait towards it throat to crush it, the loose hook sets in the mouth.

You can tie your own hair rig knots with a length of 25 - 30 lb. test superbraid (which has the same diameter as 6 - 8 lb. test monofilament),

Step 1:


Tie a small overhand knot to form a small loop.

Step 2:


Pass the remaining end of the line through the eye of the backside of the hook.

Step 3:


Then make five wraps around the shank of the hook, then feed the end back through the eye on the backside of the hook one more time.

Step 4:


Here is the way the finished knot should look.