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On this page: Orvis Knot

The Orvis knot is ideal for tying on rig clips, and snood clips. One good reason to use the Orvis Knot is that it is easy to control the length of the rig or leader.

Orvis Knot Instructions:

Can form a loop that tightens when under strain. Its strength almost compares to the Trilene knot with a 95% avarage. It's a little harder to remember than the Trilene knot. Also a good knot for tying flies.


1. Pass the end of the tippet through the eye of the hook, then round the tippet and back through the loop that you have just made.


2. Take the tag end and wrap it round the second loop twice.


3. Now lubricate and tighten the knot.


4. Finish by trimming the tag end.