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What we did well, and what we need to improve on.

We learn something new in every time out, or as a friend of mine used to say, "We RE-learn something old."

This time out we all seemed to cast much better and most of the members were fishing zone 2. We also improved on the bait tying. I think you all see the benifit of the "ghost cocoon" bait thread, it really does increase your hook up ratio by 2 or 3 times normal.

I think the main thing we need to improve on is to continue to push for zone 3. Zone 3 was full of large 20lb plus Leapords, but most of us did not have the right tackle to get out there... Check with William on how to maximize your system...

Notes from Tournament Play

All in all the gang that fished on Sat. fished well with about 40+ fish caught, With the big fish of the day being landed by William Taylor. William had a nice pair of Leopard Sharks, a 25lb. & 21lbs.... We still all need to strive to cast out to zone 3. At 100yds plus, you can see William was tearing it up. So lets all bring some heavy gear for our next outing and give William a run for his money.... Tight Lines Matt - USSAA

General Tips

Rule #1
Always remember it's the rod that determines the casting distance not the angler!

Species Caught

Leopard Shark
Grey Smoothhound
Brn. Smoothhound
Yellowfin Croaker
Barred Perch
Walleye Perch
Round Ray
Bat Ray