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Here is the USSAA/SoCal ShoreAngling fishing & tournament schedule for the 2002 fishing season.

Click the link below for the complete Southern California Shore Fishing Schedule


Details are coming soon!!!!

Surf Fishing Outings

USSAA 2002 Schedule
San Diego County

Sat. Jan-26th
Sat. Feb-23rd
Sat. Mar-16th
Sat. Apr-6th
Sat. May-4th
Sat. Jun-1st
Sat. Jul-20th
Sat. Aug-17th
Sat. Sep-14th
Sat. Oct-19th
Sat. Nov-16th
Sat. Dec-14th

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Big Cat/Bass


Attention San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and other Southern California USSAA members!

The First Annual "USSAA" Big Cat/Bass Shore Fishing Tournament to be held at Santee Lakes on Sunday, April 28th. Start time is 7:30am and ends at 2:00pm. The cost is $5 for all USSAA members and affiliate members to cover trophy costs. Trophies will be awarded to the top five largest fish. This is a shore fishing tournament, "no boats or tubes allowed". Jr. anglers are welcome to participate with an adult USSAA family member for $3.

The cost (Lake Permit) to fish at Santee Lakes is as follows:

Adults - $7, Kids - $4, Seniors $7
No California Fishing License is required at this lake! 

Look for the USSAA banner and flag for sign-in. Sign-in is from 7:00 to 7:30am.

Tournament Format and rules:

Shore Fishing Format, No wading or floating devices. Nets Ok to scoop fish to shore. You can only weigh-in "one" fish for the tournament. Catch and release is prefered. You should bring a Stren digital scale to weigh your own fish and have it witnessed by another USSAA member. Or bring it to a USSAA Official for official weigh-in.

Trophies awarded at the end of the Tournament to the top five anglers (Adults,and Jr's compete in same division). See you all there! Tight Lines - Matt USSAA