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Fresh Catfish Bait


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Fresh Catfish Bait
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Live & Frozen Catfish Baits:

Below are the most common baits we use to catfish with. We use the baits in the top row for cut bait and the bottom row are used alive for flatheads.

Top: Threadfin Shad - Gizzard Shad - Skipjack Herring
Bottom: Green Sunfish - Pumpkinseed - Bluegill


Keeping bait fresh is the key to catching more fish. Shad are difficult to keep alive therefore we place our shad in plastic ziploc baggies and put them in a cooler full of ice. It is best to keep them no more than 24 hours or the meat begins to get flaky and mushy and is therefore less effective. Freezing is never a good option for shad for the same reasons. Our shad are caught with the use of castnet. A cast net is valuable and necessary tool in catching shad. But always check your local regulations on cast nets!