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Lubricating your reel bearing with Rocket Fuel:

Rocket Fuel Reel Lube

Surf reels today are designed to be high in performance. To ensure that the bearings of these reels last a long time, maintenance has to be carried out as often as possible to maintain its workability. A simple step is to lubricate the bearings at least once every three trips or immediately when the whole reel is accidentally submerged in saltwater.

Step 1#

1) What is needed: Bearing extractor, Screw remover, Lighter Fluid, Gas burner,Tablespoon, Red or Yellow Rocket Fuel, reel, film cannister and some paper napkins.


Step 3#

3) Make a bearing extractor from a piece of hard stainless steel wire. Use it to remove the bearing from the reel housing or spool end. Do not drop bearing onto the hardground as it may damage it.


Step 5#

5) Shake cannister gently for about 2 minutes to allow lighter fluid to penetrate bearing so as to remove its old oil, dust etc. Repeat Step  again if bearing still contains old oil, dust etc. Clean bearings individually.


Step 7#

7) Bearing Lubricating. Pour Yellow or Red Label Rocket Fuel onto a clean stainless steel tablespoon (1/4 full) . Heat spoon over gas burner (low-setting). Do not overheat, just warm up the Rocket Fuel. If burning smell occurs with blackish smoke, Rocket Fuel is overheated and it becomes unusable.

Step 9#

9) Once lubricating is completed, transfer bearing onto some paper napkins. Clean off excess Rocket Fuel on the bearing external.

Step 11#

Attach side plate back onto reel housing after all parts are at their correct position.

Step 2#

2) Remove side plate from reel housing using appropriate size screw remover.

Step 4#

4) Bearing Cleaning. Fill a clean film cannister (to 1/2 full) with lighter fluid and place the extracted reel bearing into it. Cover cannister lid back tightly after this.

Step 6#

6) Place cleaned bearing on paper napkin to absorb excess lighter fluid. Allow few minutes for fluid to vaporise completely.

Step 8#

8) Drop the bearing onto the spoon gently. If temperature is correct, you will see bubbles forming as air is forced out when the oil gets absorbed into the bearing housing. Use the extractor to flip the bearing onto another side to make sure that oil is fully absorbed. You may wish to heat up the Rocket Fuel a bit it cools down. Again do not overheat. You may wish to repeat Step again until no bubbles are formed.

Step 10#

10) Transfer all lubricated bearings back onto reel housing. Take note that holding clips are all in place.