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How 2 Catch Fish
Catch Bass
Bass Part 2
Catch Bluegill
Blue Catfish
Catch Catfish
Tailrace Catfish
Catch Crappie
Catch Trout
Catch Stripers

So you want to catch more fish!!!

In this section you will learn how to catch more fish, but I have included a few quotes from Mark Sosin, so that you understand that there are many variables that go into being successful while you fish. So please read the the following articles below.

The Confidence Game
By Mark Sosin
Confidence holds the key to catching fish consistently. It's critical to believe in the spot you are fishing, the technique you are using, and the bait or lure secured to the end of the line. When you begin to have doubts about any facet of the process, it's time to make a change. Serious anglers go through the mental exercise of thinking that a fish is about to grab their bait. They work teir offering as if something is about to happen. If they lose that edge, they change baits or lures, try another technique, or change spots. Remember that there are several effective approaches to catching any fish. Have confidence in the one you are using and it should produce positive results.

Time For A Change
By Mark Sosin
Habit signs a siren's song that hides a deadly trap. We tend to be creatures of habit, fishing the same areas, using the same lures, and following identical patterns every time we're on the water. That approach may work on many days, but it also has built-in limitations. Conditions change constantly and fish modify their behavior to adapt. If the fish aren't biting, look for new spots and try to analyze the conditions. Experiment with different tactics. Keep changing your setup and approach until something positive happens. Learn to search the entire water column when possible. Work an area with a game plan rather than at random. Even on the good days, it pays to spend a little time experimenting and searching for new spots. As you add to your knowledge, you will be better equipped to produce fish on those days when most folks return to the dock with only a suntan.