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Bait Tips


Bait Tips
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How To Keep Bait Fresh:

Here's a quick tip on keeping your frozen bait fresh while you are fishing. This tip has been used by angler all over the world for years.

Use a hard top cooler, small to medium size coolers work best. Wrap your frozen bait in 3 or 4 layers of newspaper and place it on the bottom of the cooler. Place about 10 layers of paper on top of the Frozen bait (you want to seal of the frozen section). Place any bait that you want to defrost on the top of the paper. This will keep it cool and fresh.

Do not put any warm soda cans in the frozen section, it will raise the temperature in the cooler. Only place frozen item in the frozen compartment. If you want to use some bait from the frozen section either remove the whole package or take some bait out and place the rest back in the frozen section.

The bait will remain frozen until you get home.

Sent in From William Taylor - USSAA